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Wood Planters

Add natural beauty to your container gardens with wooden planters. There's nothing quite like wood planters to refresh a deck, patio or porch. The simple addition of wooden planter boxes or barrels brings rich texture, tone, and verticality to outdoor spaces. Plus container gardens are a great way to control soil acidity, moisture and exposure to sunlight. Enjoy wooden planter boxes and barrels in various styles, sizes, and materials like redwood and cedar. Whether making a pair of container arrangements to flank a doorway, or scattering wooden planters all throughout a landscape, homeowners can't go wrong with the natural beauty of wood.

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Begin container gardening in a refreshing fashion with wooden planter boxes, pots and barrels. Available in various styles and sizes, wood planters in redwood, cedar, wicker and tree bark materials all exude distinct character. Add classic cedar wood planters to traditional front porch steps, or make a contemporary statement with a streamlined redwood container featuring stainless steel bands. The warm personality of natural wood can seem at once modern and timeless - a win, win for homeowners, designers and landscapers.

Access a variety of wood planters all in one convenient online location, right here at Residential Planters. Styles range from rustic to contemporary, with the beauty of the wood grain and texture on display in each design. Natural wooden planters are an adept gardening tool in addition to looking beautiful. Fill with favorite combinations of flowers, herbs, greens and vines to make truly special container garden arrangements.

Each of the wooden planter boxes, barrels and troughs is an outdoor-rated garden container. For long-lasting performance, we recommend liner inserts and, for most materials, a weatherproof wood sealant, paint or stain. Please click on individual wood planters above for more product details.

To add complementary wooden planters to windows, railings or fences, check out the selection of matching Wooden Window Boxes available at Lovely cedar and redwood styles are available.