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Patio Planters

Planter Buying Guide

Planter Buying Guide

Get your garden growing anywhere with the top-quality planter boxes from

On the porch, in the living room, atop a balcony, or even hanging from a wall, these planters add style and substance to your surroundings.

Each of our garden planters is durable and beautiful. Choose from old-fashioned wrought iron, lightweight resin, naturally strong cedar, long-lasting vinyl, and more. We offer indoor and outdoor planters in traditional, contemporary, and truly unique styles.

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Vinvyl Planters


Made of high-grade polyethylene, our vinyl planters are lightweight and easy to clean. Thanks to their double-wall construction, they have surprising strength and durability. Choose from a variety of colors, including black, white, clay, mocha, and granite.

Double Wall Construction
A Variety of Colors to Choose From
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Wood Planters


We use cedar and redwood to build our wooden planters. Not only do these woods look great, they naturally resist rot and insects. You can count on redwood and cedar planters for years of beauty. Leave them natural, stain them to highlight the grain, or paint them whatever color you desire.

Paint them whatever color you desire
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Fiberglass is a mix of polymer and glass fibers, and is used in constructing everything from athletic helmets to surfboards. Simultaneously lightweight and extremely strong, fiberglass planters can stand up to extremes of hot and cold.

Can Stand Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures
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Fiberglass Planters
Resin Planters


Resin planters mimic the look of ceramic, metal, and stone. Unlike those traditional materials, it's lightweight and easy to install. Its durable surface resists chipping, cracking, and fading, and it will survive cold winters and harsh sun alike.

Can Stand Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures
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PVC Planters


Our PVC planters are made from cellular PVC, a material that combines the best features of plastic with the look and feel of wood. The material is rot-proof and insect-proof, and it will not warp and split in high humidity and freezing temperatures. The material is white through and through, not just painted white. It's easy to paint it another color, if you wish.

Paint them whatever color you desire
Can Stand Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures
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Wrought Iron

Because genuine wrought iron is costly, we use steel to manufacture these planters, which have the ornate look of wrought iron. The powder-coated finish resists corrosion, ensuring many years of maintenance-free beauty.

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Wrought Iron Planters