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Danbury 17" Round Planter


SKU: BXD-C7-4228X

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Product Description

Lightweight Garden Planters

These Danbury 17" Round Garden Planters are rotationally molded out of a lightweight anti-shock resin that will provide years of carefree beauty and elegance. While these planter pots convey the look of heft, they are actually very lightweight. Yet, their grooved and ridged surface has all the appearance of a clay pot that has been thrown on a potter's wheel. As ultra-resistant lightweight planters, they last far longer than any clay pot can. These pots for plants are made from the highest grade resin that won't crack in the winter, or fade in the glare of summer sun.

3 Handsome Hues

Available in three elegant colors - Caviar Black, Rust, and Weathered Gray Stone - Danbury round plastic planters have a top diameter of approximately 17 inches before flaring out midway to a dynamic extrusion that is as stunning as it is practical. The flared portion of the planter provides an additional environment for whatever blooms or blossoms you plant. Roots have ample room to grow without encroachment. This makes the Danbury round planter a more versatile plant container, one that can accommodate numerous plant varieties.

Groovy, baby!

Since Danbury plastic flower pots sport deep grooves and ridges, they have the look of handcrafted artistry. Because they have become so popular, we offer other sizes and shapes in the same style. Pair the 17" pot with other sizes or matching to create a tiered look. Or incorporate with the Danbury Urn planter for increased elegance. Resin planters have been manufactured to protect against inclement weather extremes in any part of the country. Danbury plastic flower pots come with a 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty against fading or cracking. They require little to no maintenance other than an occasional rinsing when dust or debris accumulates. For additional information about Danbury planters, call toll-free: 888-427-3362 today to speak with a customer care specialist.

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